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Maintaining your ideal weight can be challenging, but the right resource can make things easier. Like any goal, weight maintenance works best when you start off with a plan, and knowing your ideal weight is key here. Having guidelines on your side can help you determine how far you have to go and how best to get there.

Whether you use metric or imperial units of measurement, you can count on our resource to provide the ideal weight for you based on your age, gender and height. From there, you can craft an effective diet and exercise plan tailored to your needs.

Ideal Weight for Men

Ideal weight can vary for men based on age and height. If you embark on a weight maintenance plan without knowing where you need to be, you are not as well prepared as you could be. Using our Ideal Body Weight Calculator for Men will give you accurate guidelines that help you adjust your lifestyle for your goals. Eating smaller portions, reducing carbohydrate consumption and avoiding snacks are some of the ways to maintain your weight with diet. Regular exercise, including strength and cardio training, will also help you stay lean.

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Check Men Ideal Weight you should be here:

Men - 40 Years 5' 7'' 170 cm
Men - 50 Years 5' 11'' 180 cm
Men - 60 Years 6' 1'' 185 cm

Ideal Weight for Women

Depending on age and height, ideal weight for women can be different between individuals. The best approach to reaching and keeping your goal weight is knowing where to start and where you should be. Our Ideal Body Weight Calculator for Women gives you the information you need to build a worthwhile weight maintenance plan that matches your lifestyle and goals. A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises can help you stay trim and toned. If you design your diet to avoid surplus calories and preserve your metabolism at the same time, you will be more successful in your fitness efforts in the long term.

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Before using our Women Ideal Weight Calculator you can Check the weight you should be here:

Women - 30 Years 5' 4'' 160 cm
Women - 40 Years 5' 8'' 170 cm
Women - 50 Years 5' 9'' 175 cm

Ideal Weight for Kids

A healthy body weight is at least as important for kids as it is for adults. However, determining the best weight for children is not always easy. To simplify the task, parents can use our Ideal Body Weight Calculator for Kids. This tool determines the ideal weight for children based on their age as well as their height. Kids often crave exercise, and opportunities for outdoor play and sports will help keep them fit. Parents can help their kids keep a healthy weight by preparing healthy portions and planning prudently for dining excursions.

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Before using our Calculator you can check here the most common average weight for Kids:

Kids - 3 Years 2' 8'' 80 cm
Kids - 6 Years 3' 3'' 100 cm
Kids - 8 Years 4' 2'' 127 cm

About Ideal Body Weight

Ideal body weight is based chiefly on age and height. Each of these factors has important effects on the right weight for the individual, and understanding the roles these factors play will help you plan your approach to weight maintenance. With older age often comes lower metabolism and increased tendency to accumulate body fat, and greater weight can result. By contrast, kids and teenagers tend to have faster metabolisms and are less likely to gain unhealthy weight. Taller people naturally tend to weigh more than shorter people, and this must be considered when weight is evaluated.