Ideal body weight

Your ideal weight should correlate with factors like your age and height. Calculate your weight using these details with an online ideal weight calculator.

Know your healthy weight

About Ideal body weight

Determinate your healthy weight can be simple when you use online resources like an ideal weight formula as well as an ideal weight chart. By referring to either of them, you can find out your ideal weight and devise a plan if necessary to reach this goal.

Ideal Weight for Height

When you decide whether or not to shed pounds, you should consider your height before reaching the ideal weight for which you should strive. When you use an online ideal body weight calculator, you can enter in your height and find out the amount that you should weigh. The amount may vary depending on your gender and also your muscle mass. However, it can approximately calculate ideal body weight for you based on your height.

Ideal Weight for Age

Your ideal body weight will also depend on how old you are. As you age, your metabolism slows down, possibly causing you to gain weight as you age. However, your metabolism should still ideally be active enough to prevent you from becoming obese. You can determine your ideal weight for your age by using an ideal body weight calculator that asks for your age as well as other factors like your height.

Ideal Weight Formula

When you use one of the free online resources to calculate ideal body weight, you also may need to put in details like your gender. It is commonly known that men typically weigh more than women. Men also tend to be taller than women. The calculator will ask for your gender as well as your height in feet and inches. Based on that combination, you can then find out your ideal weight.

Ideal Weight Chart

You can also make finding out your ideal weight easy when you use an ideal weight chart. The chart shows you the range of what you can weigh based on how tall and how old you are. The chart gives you more leeway in your weight rather than pinpointing a single number that you may find unattainable or unrealistic.

The chart also minimizes any guilt that you may feel by not weighting the single number that a calculator provides based on your age and height. A chart allows for factors like natural aging and height growth.