Ideal Weight for Age Calculator

Keeping weight in a healthy range often becomes more challenging with age. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including lower hormones, slower metabolism and reduced activity levels. Different individuals may need different weight maintenance approaches depending on how old they are, so a resource that calculates ideal weight based on age can be invaluable.

Our Ideal Weight for Age Calculator makes it simple for you to find your healthy weight by simply entering your age. It is up to you how you use this information, but straightforward numerical information may be just what you need to get started eating right and exercising more.

Which Weight Recommendations Are Correct?

Ideal Weight Age

Several tools are used today to determine ideal weight for individuals, but these tools are sometimes controversial. For example, BMI, or Body Mass Index, has been criticized for disregarding factors that could impact ideal weight. Such factors may include bone density, bone structure and muscle mass. For individuals seeking a clear-cut answer on what weight is right for their age, a calculator can be a powerful resource. The resulting information can aid conclusions about the starting point and add motivation for the path towards the calculated ideal weight.

Exercising for Weight Loss

Being able to calculate ideal weight for age can help you make the right exercise plan for you. Plenty of options are available, including mild and moderate aerobic and resistance exercises. If you would prefer low-impact exercises that are easy on the joints, you can choose walking or swimming and still count on great results. Of course, you should also consult your doctor before you start an exercise program. Your doctor can tell you what types of exercise will be healthy for you and which are best avoided.

More Factors to Consider

Age is an important factor in your ideal weight and how you should approach changing or maintaining it, but other factors also matter. For instance, your sex can affect your tendency to gain and lose fat and muscle. If you are female, higher levels of estrogen will raise chances of gaining and holding onto fat, but your ideal weight may also reflect this fact. Conversely, men are less likely to gain fat and more likely to maintain muscle, but fat gain and muscle loss also become more common in later life. Both sexes are prone to bone loss with age, and this can impact appropriate exercise choice as well as ideal weight.