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Adolescent obesity is on the rise throughout the world. With children playing outdoors less and spending more time watching TV or playing on the computer, more kids are gaining weight rapidly without getting enough exercise. You can help your children stay healthy by using an ideal weight calculator for kids to determine how much they should weigh.

Factors for Determining Ideal Kids Weight

Ideal weight kids

Children differ from adults when it comes to determining how much they should weigh. Unlike adults, children tend to have faster metabolic rates that should ideally help them burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

However, their metabolic rate depends as well on how much exercise they get and what kinds of food they eat. Today's kids tend to play and exercise less while eating larger portions at meals and fast food, candy, and other treats that are laden with calories. The lack of exercise combined with their high-calorie intake slows down kids' metabolisms and causes them to gain weight.

Maintaining a Healthy Kid's Weight

Maintaining a Healthy Kid

You can help your children maintain the ideal weight for kids by encouraging them to go outside to play or signing them up for sports teams. As little as 30 minutes of exercising a day can help your kids keep weight off and improve their metabolisms.

You also can help them avoid unhealthy weight gain by preparing healthy meals and limiting their intake of fast food, candy, cookies, and other fatty, sugary treats. Making meals at home and restricting the number of times your family goes out to eat at restaurants can also play a big role in establishing healthy dietary habits that your kids can take with them into adulthood.

Finally, you can help your kids appreciate healthy weight control by modeling good exercise and dietary behaviors yourself. When your kids see you exercising and eating right, they are more likely to follow your example.

Parents can help their kids stay at a healthy weight by learning how much their children should weigh. They can learn this number by using a free online ideal kids body weight calculator that determines weight based on kids' ages and heights.

Determining how much kids should weigh

You can adjust your kids' diet and exercise regimen by learning the ideal body weight for kids the same age and height as your own children. The online calculator takes a number of different criteria into consideration before providing you with your kids' ideal weight.

Girls typically weigh more than boys until they reach their teenage years. Girls' bodies prepare for puberty and retain more body fat than boys' bodies. This body fat retention impacts how much girls should weigh.

The calculator also asks for your kids' ages. As noted, girls typically weigh more than their male counterparts until age 12 or 13. After that age, their weight should even out until they weigh the same as or less than boys their age.

Finally, the calculator asks for your kids' height. Shorter children ideally should weigh less than children who are taller. Once the calculator has this and the other required details, it can tell you how much your children should weigh.

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