Ideal Weight for 4'2" Kids

Wondering about your children Weight? Our ideal weight calculator for Kids can show the average weight for your 4'2" children. This 4'2" kids calculator tool it may be a guideline for parents who wants to maintain their child's ideal weight.

What is the ideal weight for a 4'2" Kid?

At the height of 4'2"
the ideal weight for Kids should be


Weight can vary regularly, especially in relation to changes in hormones and body growths. Maintaining a proper nutrition and those 62 lb of healthy weight is important for 4'2" children’s health. If you're worried that you or your daughter isn't growing at a normal rate, check above tips and key habits to maintain 62 lb of weight for 4'2" Kids or consult a physician to discuss your concerns.

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Tips and Key habits to maintain 62 lb of weight for 4'2" Kids

  • Fitness Apps: there are many apps out there that help 4'2" kids count their daily steps and make healthy eating choices. These apps are great because kids actually enjoy using them.
  • Stay Positive: you should always approach the topics of health and weight using encouraging and empowering words.
  • Maintain a family routine: this is why it's so important to turn eating healthy into a family affair. Make sure you create healthy food options and exercise plans that incorporate every member of your family.

Ideal weight for 4'2" by Age

Assessing your body’s ideal weight and maintaining it as much as possible can be beneficial to you in the long term. Do you need to know the ideal weight of a 4'2" for different ages? Use this table to check if you're the right weight for your Age:

Age Ideal Weight (lb)
1 22
2 26
3 31
4 35
5 40
6 55
7 62
8 68
9 75
10 82
11 88
12 95

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