Ideal Weight for 80cm and 3 years old Kids

Estimate the ideal weight for a 80cm and 3 years year old Kid. Height and age measures are truly accurate indicators for young childrens. These ideal weight results for kids with 80cm of height and 3 years years old can be used as a benchmark to indicate goal to keep it within a healthy range.

What is the ideal weight for a 80cm and 3 years old children?

Max Recommended weight
17 kg
Your Ideal Weight
12 kg
Min Recommended weight
7 kg

Your ideal weight should be:


How much should my weight? If your kid is 80cm and 3 years old, the ideal weight would be 12 kg. Our calculator provides an estimate weight for 80cm and 3 years old kids, so you can have these 12 kg as a reference and maintain that weight in a healthy and balanced way.

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Ideal Weight for a 80cm and 3 years old Kid

  • Turn Off the Television: create a policy in your home that televisions and mobile devices are not allowed at the dinner table. Both 3 years old children and adults tend to eat more calories per meal when televisions or mobile devices are on because they aren't paying attention to how much food they are actually consuming.
  • Choose Whole Grains: be sure to choose foods made with whole grains instead of white flour. Whole grains are nutritionally dense and satisfying when compared with foods that are made primarily from white flour.
  • Keep Fruit Around the House: always keep fruit visible in your kitchen. Putting apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits in bowls on your kitchen table or counters will remind your family to eat them. Getting in the habit of reaching for fruit instead of candy is so beneficial for 80cm and 3 years old kids.

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The ideal weight for 3 years old kids

Definitely your ideal weight should be 12 kg. These value apply for 80cm and 3 years old kids. However, what is the ideal weight based solely on age? The result is simple, check the Ideal Weight for 3 years old kids and find it out for yourself.

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The ideal weight for 80cm kids

Kids utilizing the Age and Height combination frequently aren't sure how to categorize their ideal weight. If need to know the goal weight for 80cm kids calculated without age data, use this Ideal Weight for 80cm kids link to check if you're in the right weight for height.

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