Weight Loss Foods

Gaining weight is an important fitness goal for many people. Their reasons may include having trained a bit too hard, stress, illness, or surgery recovery, among other reasons. If you are someone trying to pack on a few extra pounds, you´ll need to choose your foods carefully. It is important to eat foods that will help you gain weight but that are nutritionally dense. You want to gain healthy weight, not weight from foods that will cause your health to suffer. Here are some healthy weight gain foods:


Nuts and products made from them, like nut butter, are nutrient dense and can provide a high amount of protein and healthy fat. Mix the nuts with some granola and dried fruit for a healthy trail mix. (Make sure the dried fruit has no added sugar or preservatives.)

Lean Red Meats

A bit of red meat mixed into your whole grain pasta or a small steak can be on the dinner menu tonight. Get grass-fed beef if you can, and make sure it is lean meat. Lean red meat has protein and iron, and it can help you build muscle. (Also try oily fish, like salmon and tuna! They’re great for helping you gain weight.)


Rice is cheap, and you can eat it in many different ways. The best choice for nutrition is brown rice. Rice has thiamin and niacin, and it doesn’t have gluten, which is a problem for many. Try a burrito with some rice and beans for an inexpensive way to get some extra calories. Rice is one of the best foods that will make you gain weight.


Granola contains plenty of fiber, protein, and calories. Eat granola without added sugar to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs and nothing else. Granola is one of many good weight gain foods.


Whole milk or a milk alternative, like soy, hemp, coconut, or almond is a great way to get some extra calories. Put it in a smoothie to get even more nutrients and calories. One cup of whole milk has 8 grams of protein, 150 calories, and 13 grams of good fats.


What can you NOT do with an avocado? These calorie- and health-fat-packed fruits are full of energy and incredibly diverse. They contain about 320 calories and 29 grams of fat. Put it in a salad, put some in some mango salsa, or puree it to use it as a sauce with cilantro, garlic, coconut milk (or another similar product), lime juice, red onion, and salt.


Eggs give your body the energy it needs to function well. They’re cheap, and you can eat them in all sorts of foods. You can eat them alone, in a salad, or even use them to bread a piece of chicken or okra to fry. Each egg has about 75 calories and 6 grams of protein. With 5 grams of fat per egg, vitamins A, D and E, and good cholesterol, you’ll get some great nutrition every time you eat one.


Cheese goes great on casseroles, those eggs we discussed earlier, and also on that salad with avocado we talked about. Cheese makes just about anything taste great, and it has 400 calories in a 100 gram serving.