Ideal Weight for 5'9" and 50 years old women

Our calculator provides an estimate weight for 5'9" and 50 years old women. This tool it may be a guideline for women who wants to maintain a weight with which to be healthy. Use your body weight results as a benchmark to indicate health and aim to keep it within a healthy range.

What is the ideal weight for 5'9" and 50 years old women?

Max Recommended weight
152 lb
Your Ideal Weight
141 lb
Min Recommended weight
130 lb

Your ideal weight should be:


How much should I weight? If you are a 5'9" and 50 years old women, your ideal weight would be 141 lb. When it comes to understanding the ideal weight, women should be realistic and not missing the point of being healthy. Remember that everybody is different and just going off your weight does not mean you are healthy. If you want to know the ideal weight for 50-year-old men, check here.

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Ideal Weight for a 5'9" and 50 years old

Follow these Tips and Key habits to maintain 141 lb of weight for 5'9" and 50 years old women:

  • Set Your Calorie Limit: you can't plan your diet if you don't know how many calories you need. It's necessary to determine how many calories and grams of fat you should be taking in each day to reach and maintain those 141 lb of healthy weight.
  • Make a Meal Plan: you're far more likely to be successful with your diet plan if you design your meals ahead of time. Take some time to create a weekly menu plan that you can stick to. This will help you avoid any surprises that could cause you to depart from your diet.
  • Pack Your Lunch: eating out is very tricky when you're trying to stay healthy. Many women get off track because they fail to plan ahead when it comes to lunch. Be sure to bring your own lunch to work most days of the week if you don't want to be stuck purchasing food that may not actually fit in with your diet plan. You may need to devote one night per week to making and packing lunches that can be put in the freezer.
  • Reduce Alcohol Intake: alcohol is something that can make it hard to maintain those 141 lb of ideal weight. Beer, wine and cocktails all contain high amounts of calories. Many women actually undo much of the hard work they've accomplished all week long simply by making a visit to the bar during the weekend. Be smart about how many drinks you're consuming. A few beers can easily equal as many calories as a full meal.

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The ideal weight for 50 years old women

Definitely your ideal weight should be 141 lb. These value apply for 5'9" and 50 years old women. However, what is the ideal weight based solely on age? The result is simple, check the Ideal Weight for 50 years old women and find it out for yourself.

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The ideal weight for 5'9" women

Women utilizing the Age and Height combination frequently aren't sure how to categorize their ideal weight. If need to know the goal weight for 5'9" women calculated without age data, use this Ideal Weight for 5'9" women link to check if you're in the right weight for height.

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